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Get to Know the Team

August 21, 2014 •

Ever wonder about the team behind the scenes at

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Creating Smart Playlists in iTunes

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Smart Playlists are easy to create, and they automatically stay updated. Best of all, you can use them to ensure that your favorite music is always synced with your mobile devices.

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Practicing Social Media Etiquette

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It can be challenging to navigate social media, but by using these etiquette tips you’ll be sure to feel at ease.

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The 3 Best Websites to Download Free Music Legally

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Not all free music that’s offered on the web is legal to download. But here are three places to download great, free music totally legally.

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Improve your math skills with our new tutorials!

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Having trouble understanding fractions , decimals, and percents? Fear no more. Our latest math tutorials are here!

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I Have to Provide My Phone Number? Using Phone Verification

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Uncomfortable about sharing your phone number to verify your email account? Don’t be! Learn more about the possible risks and privacy concerns.


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