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Speed Up Your Workflow with the Tab Key (2)

April 24, 2014 • 21st Century Skills, Computers

Learn how to save time and improve your productivity with this easy shortcut!

Social Media »

Practicing Social Media Etiquette (7)


It can be challenging to navigate social media, but by using these etiquette tips you’ll be sure to feel at ease.

Internet Basics »

The 5 Best Websites for Free E-books (9)


Whether you’re looking for something good to read or learning a new skill, these sites have tons of e-books that you can download for free!

Math »

How to Count Cells with COUNTA (7)


Excel’s COUNTA function is a great way to count non-blank cells in your spreadsheets. We’ll show you how to use this simple but useful function.

New Technology »

4 Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office (9)


Can’t afford Microsoft Office? That’s okay! There are several great, free alternatives that you can use for almost all your home and office needs.

Email Basics »

I Have to Provide My Phone Number? Using Phone Verification (1)

Screenshot of Phone Verification text message

Uncomfortable about sharing your phone number to verify your email account? Don’t be! Learn more about the possible risks and privacy concerns.


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