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Modifying Page Numbers in Word

If you’re having trouble with page numbers in Microsoft Word, you’re not alone. We’ve received tons of comments and questions from learners like you on our Headers & Page Numbers video.

One of the most common questions is, “How do I restart or reformat my page numbers partway through the document?” Apparently this is a common problem for students who are working on academic papers.

Your comments prompted us to look for an answer, and we found one. Special thanks to Jessica (our Design/Video Team Lead & Jack of All Trades), who discovered the solution while proofreading dissertations in her spare time.

Modifying Page Numbers with Section Breaks

The key to using different types of numbering in the same document is section breaks. Once you’ve added a section break to your document (you can add as many as you need), you’ll be able to restart your page numbers there, and/or apply a different style.

Here’s an overview of the steps you need to follow. These steps should work for Word 2007, Word 2010, and Word 2013.

  1. Place your cursor on the page where you want the first section to end.
  2. Go to the Page Layout tab, then click the Breaks command.
  3. Choose Next Page from the menu.
  4. A section break will be added, creating a new section on the next page.
  5. To continue, select your header or footer in the new section.
  6. Go to the Design tab, and deselect the Link to Previous command.
  7. Now you can modify the page numbers in your new section depending on what you need.
  • To restart your numbering, click the Page Number command, then choose Format Page Numbers. From there, you’ll be able to select Start at: 1.
  • To reformat your numbering, select the page number, then go back to the Home tab. You can change the font, color, size, and more.

What questions do you have about page numbers in Microsoft Word? Let us know in the comments. For more information, visit our lesson on Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers.

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  1. My question may be a bit dumb but I used to be able to format page numbers like “1 of 5″. But I can’t do that anymore. Is there something I am missing?

  2. there are five pages before my novel starts yet it starts at 2?? wont let me change it. Any ideas

  3. I followed your directions and was able to begin page numbring with the body of my document, but then noticed the title page and table of contents still had page numbering (page 1 and 2 respectively). The body of the document then started with page 1. I then had to go to the second page and format for page numbering, then the numbering continued through the document. Is there a way to remove page numbering from the title page and table of contents? Help!!

  4. I actually wanted to insert page 1 on the second page of my document… can i actually do that?

    • Hi, Harshith—you sure can! Just follow the steps in the blog post. Once you’ve created your new section (on the second page in your case), you’ll want to go to the Page Number tab, then click Page Numbers > Format Page Numbers. From there, select Start at: 1. This will restart your numbering at 1 on second page.

  5. hi hope your doing well..i’m in fix….actually i’m trying to insert page no. in in a format as example i have 10 pages and i would like it to be inserted on each page like 1 of 10 den 2 of 10 plz explain it .. how to do in ms word 2010.. thankx in advance

    • Hi, Manmohan. Not a problem—you can insert page numbers like that following the instructions on this page: Adding Page Numbers. Just click the option you want (for example, Top of Page), then choose one of the Page X of Y formats from the menu. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi I’m having a big issue with my student version of Microsoft word. For one thing, the page number tab is greyed out. In fact, the document does not appear to have any pages at all. As I scroll down, there are no page breaks at all. Has anyone else had this issue in word? How did you fix it?

    • Hi, Michelle. It sounds like you might be in Outline View or Web Layout based on what you say about page breaks. There’s a chance this could cause problems with your page numbers. Try switching to a different view or layout using the buttons at the bottom of the window. You can see a screenshot of the buttons here: Getting to Know Word

  7. I have a document 112 pages. I have inserted page Number of Total Pages with codes. The numbering is counting my front cover page i the total and I don’t want it to?

    • Hi, Carolyn! Unfortunately, I don’t know of an easy way to achieve what you want—you might have to combine a couple techniques to make it work. I’ll do my best to summarize. First, follow the steps in the blog post to create two sections (one for your cover page and another for the rest of your document). Then go to the Design tab, and check the box that says Different First Page—this should cause your cover page numbering to disappear. Finally, to re-start your numbering on page 2, go to Page Number > Format Page Numbers, then set it to Start at: 1. Hope this works for you!

    • Howdy, I just found the following link which fixed my similar problem with the first 3 pages being included in the total on the last page. Allen and Richard have some good ideas. hope it helps


  8. How do I get rid of the Red X that is preventing me from deleting/removing my headers, footers and page numbers? I’m not sure what I did but when I click the Remove Page Number tab, etc it has a red x on it and won’t complete the task. Would appreciate ANY help! I need to get this manuscript completed!

    • Hi Shannon—yikes, that sounds frustrating! Not sure what might cause such an issue. If the Remove command isn’t working, you can try deleting your headers, footers, and page numbers manually. Just double-click the header or footer, then use Backspace or Delete on your keyboard to erase the content. With luck, this will remove them entirely. Hope this helps!

  9. Hi- I am using 2010- and my table of contents is on the wrong side-ie.. 1…..introduction-
    how can I change the side to read Introduction…..1

  10. Hi, I’m trying to print two sided document in a way that page number should always be at outer side of the page (first page at right side, second page at left side and so on.) How is that done?

    • Hi Rane—that will take a couple steps to accomplish, but it’s pretty straightforward! Here’s how you do it:

      • Double-click your page numbers, then make sure you’re on the Design tab.
      • Check the box that says “Different Odd & Even Pages” (found in the Options group).
      • Your even page numbers may temporarily disappear—that’s OK. To continue, select an even-numbered page.
      • Go to the Page Numbers menu, then choose the position you want. This should continue your numbering scheme, alternating positions.

      Hope this helps!

    • In your Page Setup or Page Layout (different versions of Word call it different things), you need to ensure that “mirror margins” is checked. Then you should have the option with your page numbers to choose “outside.”

      • Thanks, Titus2Homemaker—that’s a great tip! As far as I can tell, mirrored margins aren’t required for alternating page numbers, but they’re super useful for formatting books and other bound documents. (The two features are often used together.) Rane, if you think that would be helpful to you, you can see a video demo here: Mirrored margins and page numbers

      • Oops; I think I must have misread, then. I thought she wanted the page numbers at the outside edges of the pages.

  11. I am having a problem with numbering in the TOC. I inserted page numbers in the footer and chose the Arabic style (1, 2, 3) for the page numbers, but my TOC is formatting those page numbers as Roman numerals. I have tried to format the TOC numbers by clicking in the TOC and using Insert > Page Number > Format Page Number, to no avail. Any hints are appreciated.

  12. I’ve typed my document 80+ pages without inserting page numbers. How may I now insert page numbers without having to re-type the whole thing?

  13. Hello,
    I made the different page numbers with the page break instructions above. But the page breaks have left random white space in my document that I did not want whatsoever. I just wanted different page numbers. I’m very frustrated with this and I think this whole process really ought to be easier. I think an older version of Word would have let me do it completely manually if I so chose. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  14. Now that I’ve moved to Word 2010 I’m having problems with the default cursor position when I use control+backspace to delete previous word/s. When a space is the very last character in the doc, I want to end up in position AFTER that space, not before. Sometimes it leaves me after the space but often it leaves me before it, which means I have to hit End to continue typing. Help with this extremely frustrating problem would be most appreciated!

  15. I have a document with several chapters, each chapter starting with Header 1. I have used STYLEREF fields in the headers to pick up the chapter numbers and names, and set the page number format to include chapter numbers. The page numbers run continuously, as you would expect – so I have page 1-1 to 1-7, then the next page, where Chapter 2 starts in the middle of the page, is 2-8, and so on. So far so good.
    I was asked to start each chapter on page 1, so that after 1-7, the next page (where chapter 2 starts in the middle of the page) would be 2-1. So I inserted continuous section breaks, and told the page number to restart at 1. But now, after page 1-7, the next page is 2-8, followed by 2-2! Also, the STYLEREF fields in the header stopped working when there is a section break in the middle of the page. So I put in hard text in the header, but when there is a continuous section break, the header seems governed by what is above the continuous section break, rather than what is below it. On the page where Chapter 2 starts, I would like the header to give the name/number of Chapter 2, and the footer to read 2-1.
    Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Well, I’ve learned the answer. Headers and footers are governed by the section characteristics of the FIRST LINE ON A PAGE. So, if you have a continuous section break in the middle of (for example) page 5, and restart page numbering to 1, that page number that appears in your header/footer will be 5, not 1, because the top line on the page sees the page number as five. The next page, of course, will be page 2.
      The take-away is don’t use continuous section breaks to reset page numbering.

      • Hi, Peter.

        A question: I edit/layout a book that has front matter and then, where the “actual” book content begins, the section changes to odd/even format with mirror-gutter margins. This section of the book is to start on the right page of the two facing pages. A book can’t start on the left one, as is known. But because I directed Word to start the next section as even page, when I add page numbers, it starts the numbering, for some reason, on “2.” I haven’t managed to work around that with any trick. How do I make the first “even” page of the book start with number 1 and why does Word automatically decides that since this is a even page it should start on 2, even though no previous section is defined to odd/even (is there an option that should be checked/unchecked)?

        Thanks in advance,

        * PS, hoping for a solution that does not necessarily entail code fields, as I am not a big expert on those, but if there’s no other choice, I’ll manage. ;]

  16. I am having problems with page numbers in the footer when I use columns in my document. I am creating a cookbook and put the ingredients in a column which creates a section break. The page numbers then want to start over. I have the link to previous checked, I try to format with new numbers but sometimes it changes and then sometimes it doesn’t. As long as it says footer section 1, it numbers correctly, then it changes to footer section 5 and changes page numbers, then it goes to section 8 and changes. I have gone to format page numbers and click continue from previous section, but that doesn’t change it either.

    I am a teacher of Microsoft Word and this is frustrating that I cannot get the page numbers to work for Word

    • Hi Rhonda—unfortunately I don’t have any other advice; it sounds like you’ve already tried everything I would recommend! It’s too bad this feature is so finicky (we’ve actually received several comments like yours in the past few months). If I find anything helpful in my research, I’ll be sure to post it on the blog.

      • I suspect the problem might be that when you click in the Header/Footer pane and then access the Format Page number dialog box, it may be the H/F governed by the section at the top of the page, not by the section created by your continuous section break (see my issue below). I recommend putting your cursor in your multi-column section and using the keystrokes Alt+I+U (the old Insert page nUmber keystrokes from menu-based Word 2003). That bypasses the header/footer pane and gets you right to the Format Page Number dialog box for the section your cursor is in. And then set the page numbers to run continuously rather than reset.

  17. Finally! Instructions that actually worked like they said! Thank you so much!

  18. Angela
    November 22, 2013 * 15.10p.m.

    Your explanations are Superb. I have been well tutored and my doubts are about to be all eliminated. When I start with Roman numbers i,ii, iii how to make page 4 to be page number 1.

    Thank you so much.


    • Hi Angela—just follow the instructions in the blog post, paying special attention to the bullets under Step 7. You can choose a different number format (i.e., 1 vs. i) in the same dialog box where you select Start at: 1.

  19. Hello dear,

    I have One MS 2007 word doc. in this doc I have added page numbering in footer for all the pages, but this numbering is starting from 1. I want to start this numbering from number 42. i.e It should show the page number 42 from first page itself and then 43, 44…..

    can you suggest any help for this?
    Nikunj Patel

  20. I’m working on a Word 2010 document with many sections (each chapter has a section break after it as I need the footnotes to be numbered from 1 each chapter). But I need the page numbering to be continuous. I keep making it continuous by going to the start of each section and clicking ‘Continue from next section’, which seems to work: 635 pages all numbered consecutively – lovely. Then I save my document and close it. When I open it later, many of the sections have renumbered themselves ‘magically’ from 0. This keeps happening. Why? I’d appreciate your help very much.

    • Hi Moll—not sure what might be happening but it sure sounds like a headache! The only other thing I can think of checking is the Link to Previous command (you’ll find it on the Design tab in the Navigation group). Make sure it’s selected for the page numbers that are giving you a problem, and you might want to experiment with deselecting/selecting it again. Hope this helps in some way.

    • This is happening to me, too. Did you every find a solution to this? I keep hitting “link to previous” and it keeps reverting back.

      • Hi MaryB

        Sorry to hear you’ve had the same problem, but in a way I’m actually glad to hear someone else has experienced the same problems. I know it’s not just me ;)

        And no, I never did work a way round this problem. I just ended up going through that particular document, manually changing the page numbers so that they followed on after each chapter/section. Rubbish! Shouldn’t have to do that.

        I now have another Word 2010 document that is presenting the same problem. I’m fed up now. Is it a glitch with Word 2010?

        Can anyone help? In a nutshell the problem is: In a Word 2010 document with section breaks that I have inserted, after every section I format the page numbers to follow on from the previous section, then save the document, Then I re-open it, only to find page number 0 at the start of each section. Very frustrating!

        There must be a way to avoid this. If anyone knows, please tell.


      • I am sorry you are having this problem but it makes me feel better that you were going through the same steps, too. What I did find that worked is to save it in a lower version of Word. Someone suggested this to me so I could see any formatting glitches. There weren’t any and in Word 98 the pages were right. In the document there wasn’t a lot of weird formatting so all the tables, etc. were fine. This was not a great solution but it saved me. You’re right that there has to be a glitch.
        Hope this helps!

  21. I want to have between each chapter on the footer say 1.0 then 1.1 etc.. When I change chapters start with 2.0 and 2.1 etc. Struggling to get that.

  22. I need help. I need to have two king’s of numeration in one page. In upper right corner for example i need numbers 1,2,3…., but on the bottom of the page I need numers like 4,5,6,7, … Is this posible

  23. The first two pages of my doc are unnumbered; the next seven are numbered i through vii; the remaining are numbered 1-148. My problem is that since I added in the first two unnumbered page, the first page of the roman numeral series keeps reverting to ii (although logically it should correct itself to iii) … EVEN THOUGH I REFORMATTED THE PAGE NUMBER TO i.

    Here’s the catch — when I’m inside the footer box, it shows up as being page i. As soon as I click out, it changes itself to page ii.

    I’ve tried deleting that footer altogether, clicking various things on/off in Design, all to no avail. Please help — I’ve spent way too much time on this.

    • Elizabeth—that’s definitely a serious bug! Unfortunately, I don’t have any ideas for troubleshooting it aside from what you’ve already tried (deleting the footer, clicking options on the Design tab). If you haven’t already, you might want to visit the Microsoft Support site, specifically the “Ask the Community” section. Hopefully you can find a solution!

      • Ultimately, I did a very elementary-school style cut and paste: I created mini text boxes with the page numbers that SHOULD have shown up, and pasted them over the errant numbers (not literally within the footer). Fortunately, I didn’t need these numbers identified in any TOC, so it didn’t matter in that sense, but I still needed the pages numbered for convenience of reference. Ugh. Thanks anyway.

  24. I put together contracts using technical sections that change with each document. I use a hidden Heading 1 that holds the chapter number, (the section number of that section). I spend so much time making sure the section number formatting is correct so the Table of Contents automatically shows the correct section number with a dash and the page number. These technical sections were developed several years ago, hence many MS Word upgrades from when they were developed. Right now I’m stuck trying to get the correct section number to appear in the footer with the page number. I have checked all formatting, over and over again, and I cannot get the correct number to appear in the footer. I’ve looked everywhere for help, but have never found an answer that solves the problem.

    • Hi Connie—I can imagine how frustrating that is. Sometimes I find it helps to “show” hidden formatting elements (like sections and hidden headings) so you can look for anything that might be affecting your numbering. This can be especially enlightening if the document has seen several versions of Word. You can see the Show/Hide command in the last screenshot on this page: Word 2013 – Breaks. Hope this helps!

  25. You just saved my entire paper. It is due in the morning and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to make the page numbers appear how I wanted. I had 5 pages of “1”. It stayed the same. Thank you so much for making this video!

  26. Why are all my odd pages in a Word 2010 doc numbered 1, while my even pages are numbered correctly, that is, 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. This is driving me crazy!

    • Sounds like a pretty frustrating bug! For something like this, I usually recommend checking/unchecking a few random options on the Design tab. This can help “reset” your page numbers and get them working properly again. Best of luck!

  27. Thank you! Very useful!

  28. I am not a newbie – I am a sufferer of Microsofts arrogance to human factors, ergonomics and the cost to industry of changing behaviours. I was very competant with MS Word – could do all sorts – right up to Office 2007 when everything went bad. I still cannot figure out where # field can be located to resource the total number of pages in sheet numbering. This should be under the ‘Page Number Format’ menu. Microsoftware products, for long-standing users of its systems, make the simplest of functions less predicatable and more like archaeology. At home we switched to Ubuntu and Open Office on all our five machines held by verious members of the family – we have not looked back since..

  29. I don’t want the first four pages of my document to have any page numbers. I want the fifth page to have the number “5” on it, and the following pages also to have page numbers, 6, 7, 8, etc. How do I do that?

    • Hi Ed—just follow the steps in the blog post (and don’t forget to deselect Link to Previous in your new section). Then remove the page numbers from the first section using backspace or delete on your keyboard, or by going to Page Number > Remove Page Numbers on the Design tab. Hope this works for you!

      • What I need to do is quite similar – the only difference is I want my 5th page to begin numbering with 1 instead of 5 – but it’s not working like it should.

        I followed exactly the steps you outlined and, although it removed the NUMBERS from the earlier pages, it did not remove the FORMATTING. So there’s still a weird line at the bottom of the title page, etc.

        One would think that page numbering would be sufficiently basic to word processing that after all these years, MS could make their pages numbers WORK.

  30. Hi William,
    I’ve experienced this too and find that this happens if you insert the section break right at the end of the page. If you are able to make space for a blank line at the end of the pageand insert your section break before this, you should be OK. I hope this makes sense to you.

  31. The section break process results in unwanted blank pages. Why? How do I get rid of that?

  32. How can I set the page numbers for a Word 2007 document to only use odd numbers? So, page 1 would show 1, page 2 would show 3, page 3 would show 5,etc… I’d rather not have to do each page manually if it can be avoided. Any ideas?

  33. Hello,
    I have a document with headers and footers. I have two pages back to back where both have even page headers and footers. How do I fix this.

    • Hi Steve—it’s difficult to say what the problem might be without looking at the document. In my experience, whenever page numbers are malfunctioning, it helps to start checking/unchecking options on the Design tab, to see if you can get them to “reset” in some way. Hopefully that’ll get them working again!

  34. Good Morning!
    I am creating a document where my page one will start on page 7.. The first 6 pages are the title page, abstract, etc and do not need page numbers. How do I leave those pages blank (without page number) and start my page numbers at 1 on page 7?


    • Hi Amanda—just follow all steps in the blog post, then when you’re done, remove the page numbers from the first section. (You can do this manually, or by going to Page Number > Remove Page Numbers on the Design tab.) That should take care of it!

      • Hi – i have a similar situation as Amanda, but have implemented section breaks (continuous on same page) to isolate the cover pages (section 1), ToC and Abstract pages (section 2), and the rest of the document) section 3. I’ve managed to get sections 2 and 3 to format properly and start numbering correctly. I cannot however seem to get rid of the page numbers in section 1, without the same thing happening in the other sections. IOW, the sections don’t seem to be independent for the header info in my Word 2010 document. THoughts?

      • Hmm, difficult to say what the problem might be. Page numbers can be tricky! Make sure Link to Previous is deselected for sections 2 and 3. (You can find the option on the Design tab.) That should give you the ability to treat section 1 independently.

  35. what if you don’t want page number on last page of 11 pages, but the previous pages are formatted like: “Page 2 of 10″ or “Page 10 of 10″???? And you don’t want previous pages numbers to say “Page 10 of 11″, although there is an eleventh page? You want page 10 footer to say “Page 10 of 10″ even though there’s an eleventh page with no page number. How do you do that? The reason I’m asking is the last page is content that is seen only by us, but we have to give the document to clients and they will wonder “well where’s the last page?!!” Thanks.

    • Hi Tom—unfortunately, I don’t know of an official solution for this, but I discovered a trick/workaround after experimenting with one of my own documents. Try selecting the “of” page number in your header or footer (in your case, 11) then manually changing it to 10. This is in no way perfect, and will cause some inconvenience if you add/remove pages from your document. But I hope it helps!

      • This is frustrating – but how do you simply insert page x of y into a Word 2010 document? do you have to put the total (y) in manually?

      • No, thankfully Word can do that for you! Just click the Page Number command, mouse over the option you want (anything EXCEPT Page Margins), then scroll down the menu until you see Page X of Y.

  36. I use Word 2010 and Word 2007, both with Windows 7.
    Things have been going along pretty smoothly, when, in the last few weeks, the situation has changed!

    I refer to pagination.

    Using Windows 7, when I open a new file, create just a single page(!!),

    the page number is in the header is “2”, instead of “1”

    Creating severalI find: pages and paginate, I find:

    #1- the FIRST page shows page number 2 in the header
    the SECOND Page shows page number 3 ,etc.
    #2- when I look at the bottom left of the screen, the page numbers in the bar are correct.

    this weird business has appeared out of nowhere! In the entire lifetime of this computer, some 3 years, I never saw such craziness.

    With the cursor in the header space, the Design tab appears.
    I go to the Options group and check the box “Different Odd and Even Pages” and “Show Document Text”. When I look at the Header area, on PAGE 1, I see a box, colored blue, that says “EVEN PAGE HEADER”, the box on the header space of the SECOND PAGE in the file shows “ODD PAGE HEADER”,etc.

    These are weird result, I think you’ll agree.

    Trying to print, I see results that are possibly ramifications of the problem just described:
    When I want to print,say, page 4, I have two choices. I can click on the Current Page button, or I MUST ENTER “5” IN THE PAGES SPACE of the Print dialog box.Notice that I wrote “5”, not “4”.

    If I want to print page 34, I enter “35” in the Pages space. You get the picture, I think.

    In googling these problems, I found plenty of bloggers who wrote of the same problem in paginating that I describe above.
    Various replies came back to the bloggers, warning them that the presence of sections and section breaks can lead to these problems.
    So I point out that in my situation, there is only a single section, so the solution(s) lie elsewhere.

    Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated.


    • Chris—I’ve never seen that problem before! That sounds really frustrating. I’m sorry I don’t have any insight or advice to share with you—it sounds like a technical problem with Word. Feel free to keep us updated if you find a solution. Good luck!

    • I have a problem like yours.
      So I’m doing my homewok, which has to be paged with current of total pages format.
      So I paged them. After some editing suddenly my numbering went to hell….
      In the middle of the pages they “reset”
      Let’s say it like this:
      It’s all okay from page 2 to page 7( 2 of 18, 3 of 18….and so on) until it reaches 7 of 18….
      Then it starts again with 2 of 18 and it reaches the end with 13 of 18….

      From 7 of 18 and next is 2 of 18…

      Any help will be much appreciated…

      • Mitko—It’s difficult to say what might be causing this, but I have a couple general troubleshooting tips that you can try. Hopefully one of these works for you!

        1. Inspect the settings for your broken pages (take a look at the blog post if you need help figuring out where they are). Make sure Link to Previous is checked, and numbering is set to “Continue from previous section” (under Page Number > Format Page Numbers).

        2. Use the Show/Hide command to check for unwanted section breaks, which can have an affect on your numbering. You can see the command in the last screenshot on this page: Word 2013 – Breaks.

        3. If all else fails, try checking/unchecking a few random options on the Design tab. Sometimes this helps “reset” your page numbers so they start working properly again. Best of luck!

  37. Hi Bronwen – I’ve created a new Section, but I would like my page numbers to read “1.1”, “1.2”, etc. ….. I can get “1.1”, but I get it repeatedly on each page …. any idea how to get them numbering sequentially, please? Thank you.

    • Hi Mary-Lou—hmm, that’s a tough one. I’m not sure what method you’re using, but it sounds like including chapters in your page numbers might do the trick. Here are the steps.

      First, make sure each section in your document starts with a pre-defined heading style (ex., Heading 1, Heading 2—these can all be found on the Home tab). Then open your header or footer, go to the Design tab, and click the Page Number command. Choose Format Page Numbers from the menu, and you’ll be taken to a dialog box. Finally, check the box that says Include chapter number (and adjust your settings as needed), then click OK.

  38. Hi, the solution you outline here is pretty much useless. I routinely work with multi-page documents containing a variety of column formats. Using columns in word auto-inserts continuous sections breaks which in turn throws Word 2010’s consecutive page numbering out the window. Also, if (as suggested here) you fiddle around with formatting page numbers or adding subtracting section breaks, you are highly likely to corrupt your underlying file which will really wreak your document(s). This is a ridiculous and unconscionable fault in the the world’s most widely used word processor – after how many iterations!? Rather than gloss over such tardiness by pretending there’s a fix you should be honest. Inform people that Word actually doesn’t have this (simple) capability and that they should either avoid columns, hand number their document or use to different word processor (most others do it with ease).

    • Hi Nic!

      Yes, the solution IS very frustrating. That’s why we did a blog post about it (and why there have been so many comments!). However, what we have described IS how you would find a solution to this issue. I personally work with doctoral students in copyediting their dissertations and even though sometimes you do all the steps correctly, it sometimes seemingly STILL doesn’t work. There are plenty of times I just have to keep doing the steps, sometimes in different order, and even though it’s super annoying, it always manages to work in the end. So I agree! I wish Word would make this process much easier.

      • The solution of using “Start At” is not working! It ignores what I enter. I have had it work with some documents in the past, but this time I am using a template AND the document has occasional sets of columns. Extremely frustrating and time-consuming to figure out a work-around!

  39. I have a document that has a couple of un-numbered pages, followed by several pages numbered with Roman numerals, then the rest of the document in ordinary numbers. Now, when I click ‘Go To…’ to take me to a specific page in the document, it goes to the ‘wrong’ page. Also, the page counter to the bottom left of Word doesn’t show the correct page number – it seems to just count from the first page of the document. How can I go to a particular page according to the number inserted at the bottom of the page? Currently, I have to ‘Find’ a word that I think might be on that page! Help!

    • Jeree—that sounds frustrating! Unfortunately, page count reflects the number of pages in the file (not page numbers in your header or footer), so I don’t think the Go To > Page feature can be used the way you have in mind.

      Alternatively, you might find Go To > Section useful. Just follow the same steps, but in the Go To dialog box, choose Section instead. Next, try entering 3. Using your example, this should take you to the third section of your document, the one with ordinary page numbers.

  40. Thank you so much! I am working on my World Literature paper for IB and this helped a ton. Thanks again!

  41. Now Ifeel more informed on this subject and will be able to address this issue when it arrises.

  42. How do you place a page # on a landscape page with section breaks on both sides? APA Style and the university requires the page # on a landscape page to be at the bottom of the short side of the paper. I have been making do with a text box and turning the text 90 degrees, and then updating the text page # when it changes. Is there a better way?

    • Hi, Dennis—I’m having a hard time picturing what you’re talking about, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to help. It sounds like you want the page number to be rotated 90 degrees, and positioned on the left or right side of a landscape page.

      Have you tried adding page numbers in the margins of the page (rather than the top or bottom)? Here’s how you do it. First, go to the Insert tab, and click the Page Number command. Then mouse over Page Margins, and choose one of the styles from the menu.

      I hope this helps! My apologies if I’ve misunderstood.

      • “Have you tried adding page numbers in the margins of the page (rather than the top or bottom)? Here’s how you do it. First, go to the Insert tab, and click the Page Number command. Then mouse over Page Margins, and choose one of the styles from the menu.”

        This is EXACTLY the information I needed!!! Thank you so– much! This has been bugging me for several years, off and on.

  43. I spent 45 minutes on Google trying to find this answer and it’s clear that there are millions of other people out there who’ve had this same frustrating problem. THANK YOU!! It blows my mind that it takes that many clicks in Word 2010 to simply start page numbering on a specific page!! In WordPerfect it takes one click! Also, in WordPerfect, you can just go into the page number footer of any page and just start it at whatever number you like. How is it possible that Microsoft has had all these years to simplify this and it’s still a huge ordeal?

  44. Hi, I am sitting with a document that has two sections and I would like to use the page X of Y format for my numbering, i currently have 5 pages and it is numbering them page 1 of 5, page 2 of 5, page 3 of 5 for the first section, in the second section I have managed to get the numbering to restart so it would read page 1 of 5 and page 2 of 5 for the second section, is there any way i can get it to number page 1 of 3, page 2 of 3, page 3 of 3 for the first section, and page 1 of 2 and page 2 of 2 for the second section? Thanks

    • Hi, Tony—I think I might have a solution for you. Try double-clicking the header you want to change (in your example, Page 1 of 5 in the second section), then manually change the 5 to a 3. This should do the trick. Let us know if it works for you!

      • Hi Bronwen – I am having the same problem as the Tony above. I have several documents and manuals that have many sections within them that require individual page numbering and section page count. Page numbering I can reset but the page count remains for the whole document. Tried your solution above but Word won’t let me manually change the page count. These documents are ammended on a regular basis so this funtion need to be automated. I have documents formated in earlier versions of word where this funtion was possible, Has 2010 lost this feature?

      • Tony – I believe I solved your issue (as it was my issue as well). First, be sure to have separate sections. Then, I assume you are using “Page X of Y” format, and you’re stuck because each section has X start at 1, but Y is the total pages in your document.

        To change this, right-click on the Y number, click “Edit Field” and click “SectionPages” under Categories/Field names. Then click the type of numbering under Field properties/Format, and click “OK”

        This should fix your issue. For example, a 5 page document with section 1 on pages 1-2 and section 2 on pages 3-5 would read: Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of 2, Page 1 of 3, Page 2 of 3, Page 3 of 3.

      • Exactly what I needed. Simple right click on the page count! So easy but so hard to discover, thanks heaps.

  45. My question is I have a document which I must cut in two documents but I want the second document to start numbering lets say from page 61 so that when both half of document is printed and assembled the pages are numbered consecutively?. When I break a document the first part starts with page 1 and the second part starts with page 1 instead of the original page 61?

    • Hi, Noel! To number the second document starting at 61, double-click the header on the first page. Then go to the Design tab, click the Page Number command, and choose Format Page Numbers from the menu. From here, look for the field that says Start at:, and enter 61. Click OK, and you should be all set! I hope this helps.

  46. I have applied your instructions to my document but when I restart my page numbering at 37, it remains at 37 for the remainder of the document. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Elaine, I’ve had that happen to me a number of times (and this is not the response you want) but honestly I’ve just kept clicking around (Link to Previous on and off, Insert Page Numbers AGAIN, Different first page on and off, etc.) until something shook lose and finally it began numbering for me again. I don’t think there is one magic thing I can tell you to get it working, only that after messing around with it for 5 minutes, it typically, finally, does what you want it to. Good luck! And sorry I couldn’t be more help!

      • Thanks very much for your response, at least I know I’m not losing it and it’s just one of those things! I’ve tried what you said so many times but I’ll try again. Thanks again for your help.

  47. Very interesting and informative. I learned more from this lesson.

  48. Hello thanx for the lesson and let me hope that i will apply these procedure i have read today.I appreciate your services.

  49. Hello,Thank you so much for today post/Word 2010. I loved it because I am taking a certification classand I wonder if I will pass it. I don’t have the program on my computer and at school I have tofollow the teacher without much enough practice. So, now I believe I can study on my own withthis video. Do you have other videos related to all Office Suite 2010–that is Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint and Access?I would love to receive them to my e-mail address just like this one. I am registered at GCF, but I finda video like this one so much instructive. Please do e-mail them to me if you can. Thank you so much ! Dahbia B.

    Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 16:33:03 +0000 To: [email protected]

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