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Internet Safety for Kids – New Lessons Now Available

We’ve just updated our Internet Safety for Kids tutorial with all-new lessons. You may already be familiar with our other Internet Safety tutorial, but this one is designed specifically for parents and guardians and focuses on ways that you can help keep your kids safe online.

As kids start using computers and mobile devices more and more, it’s becoming especially important to begin talking to them about the internet from an early age. That means it’s also important for you to learn everything you can about internet safety, including types of online dangers and safety strategies.

In our tutorial, we’ll give you tips for talking to your kids about:

  • Avoiding online predators
  • Responding to cyberbullies
  • Using social networks safely
  • Using mobile devices safely

We’ll also show you how to make your family’s computer safer and how to keep your kids safe when they’re using the internet away from home.

If you still want to learn more, we’ll point you to other resources throughout the tutorial. And of course, we have lots of other internet tutorials, such as Internet 101, Email 101, Beyond Email, and all of our Social Media tutorials, so you may want to check those out as well.

To get started, go to Internet Safety for Kids and have a look around!

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