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Share Your Photos Using Flickr

Remember looking at photo albums before everyone had digital cameras? Talking, laughing, sharing with your family and friends as you passed the album around? Wedding pictures, vacation pictures, embarrassing Polaroids from your childhood that you didn’t even know existed (ugh!) – all of life’s most important moments caught on film.

Flickr wants to give you that experience back. Sharing photos, that is. One of the most popular image hosting sites on the ‘net, Flickr is the best way to store, organize, and share your photos with the people who matter to you.

How does Flickr work?

  • Upload your photos from your camera phone, your computer, or whatever software you use to manage or edit your files (like iPhoto or Picasa). No matter where your photos are, Flickr can help you get them on the web.
  • Organize with cool features like photo sets (akin to photo albums, only more flexible) and the ability to make your entire collection searchable using keywords called tags. For example, say you had a picture of you and your dog, Max, hiking in the snow. You could add that photo to your “Hiking” set and your “Snow Day 2010” set, because it fits both categories. You could also tag it with a few keywords, like “dog snow hike,” making it possible for visitors to click “dog” and find your other pictures of Max.
  • Share with anyone and everyone – from Mom and Dad on the other side of the country, to your best friend just down the block. Flickr makes it easy with flexible privacy controls (important to all of us) and the ability to connect directly to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and your blog. Imagine sending real-time updates to Facebook whenever you upload a new photo; friends and family will be able see how much the kids have grown, or how much you enjoyed that awesome birthday bash.
  • Collaborate with the people you care about. Have a conversation. Anyone can comment on your photos; add more tags; identify the people who appear in them (which will link to their Flickr accounts too); and more. Really! You can even type a note in the photo, as if you were pointing at it in real life.

To learn more about Flickr, photo sharing, and ways to “pass the photo album around,” check out their fun Flickr tour, and give it a try today.

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  1. Oh Bronwen, it’s a beautiful picture it brought memories of a jigsaw puzzle I did when I was a young girl, such fun, although it almost left me blind [haha] all that white, still it was a precious time, thanks

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