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Educators – New Adult Reading Program

Are you trying to teach an adult how to read or are you helping someone learn to read English? Then, you need to check out our new Reading Program. has designed this program for adults and is based on the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English language. The words have been divided into categories that help the learner to see a connection between the words. These categories form the basis for the Reading Project and are used in a variety of different interactive learning tools. Currently, the Reading Program has about 150 words and five categories. As the year continues, we will add more words, more categories and more interactive learning tools.

How does the Reading Program work?

Learners simply go to and click “Learn to Read.” Once there, they will see a series of icons on the left and on the right. The icons on the left represent the different learning tools available and the icons on the right represent the different word categories. To begin, the learner chooses a learning tool and a category.

What reading tools are available?

A Letter tool allows the learner to explore the relationship between letters and their sounds in different words. The Word tools are like a virtual dictionary and provide learners with a verbal and visual representation of the words. The Text tools allow the learner to explore a variety of different text formats that are found in everyday life situations such as forms, questionnaires, and newspaper articles. The Video tool represents each word with a short video. Lastly, there is an Activity tool. This contains game-like activities that allow the learner to practice using the words in a variety of ways.

Getting Started

Your learners simply go to to get started learning. Its free and users are not required to create a member account with We encourage you to explore the variety of different activities so that you can help your learners gain the skills they need to be proficient readers. There is also an Educator’s page that will provide additional resources for educators.


The Reading Program has just begun and we would love to hear your feedback. Tell us what you like about the program, how you use it, or what we could do to improve the Reading Program. And, don’t forget to check back often because we will be adding to the program throughout 2010.

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  1. I teach computer courses to adults, mostly low level and esol. I use your courses all the time. One thing I can’t seem to find is a computer vocabulary, glossary suitable for them. Mostly basic computer language, Word terms, maybe Excel – possibly something that flash cards could be made out of or mix and match terms and pictures. Is that something that you could do? Thanks

  2. mousey1952 – we are planning to completely rework our Math topic this fall. We have not finalized the content, but we are considering adding some basic algebra and geometry in addition to expanding the content on decimals and percentages.

  3. maybe this is not the place to ask, but do they have Algebra tutorials here?


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