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Which Internet Topics Would You Like To See?

We are going to be updating and adding to our internet topics this year and wanted to get your opinion about which topics you would like to learn about.

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Please take a minute to answer our poll.  As soon as you’re done, you can view the results.

If you are interested in an internet topic that is not listed in the poll, leave us a comment.  We would love to hear from you.

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  1. This web is very good and i will say you should not stop doing this….because it helps as as well as we are there.I love it.I have tell my friends about it so i hope you will help us build our future upon this.I love all what is here and how it goes.That’s great keep doing it and i hope God will bless you for the good things.Thanks very much.

  2. In order to get rehired in my field since I don’t have a 4 yr. degree and have neither the time nor the money to get one right now, I think I am going to need to learn as much as I can about Statistics but not to the extent of having to take a course at a college – it would be less intimidating to learn it here. I may have to look for a book called “Statistics for Dummies” or something like that. The other thing I wonder if could be taught here is how to use one of those modern calculators – we had to do “logs” by hand when I was in high school so I have no idea how to use a “graphing?” calculator or do linear regressions, etc. that the kids learn in high school nowadays which makes people like myself look really old, outdated, and rusty in what we have to offer to a job when we can’t even work a calculator. Thank you so much for the computer training…..I am plugging away and feeling better as each page goes by as I try to get up to speed with the times!

  3. Doing virus scan on downloaded files
    Zip up attachments to save space.
    How to determine if information on a site is reputable or not.
    How to tell a secure web page. When should I buy online.

  4. what is the Advantage and disadvantage of internet?

  5. I would like to learn how to upload pictures. Learn Publisher with a video.
    Face book and Twitter.

  6. I forgot to mention in my earlier response that it would be a great addition, if the non C.E.U courses would let the students print out a certificate of completion. Thanks and keep up the Grrreat work!

  7. I would like tell, this is the best site for learn. This is the right opportunity thanks all people who were helped us. I would like to see topics of world famous language courses and computer language.

    Keep up your best work. I wish your all the best.

  8. This web site is GREAT! Thanks much. Keep it going – free of cost.
    I would like to see topics on accounting.
    Thank you.

  9. I would love to see more C.E.U english/accounting.
    I’m also impressed with this programe, tums up!and thanks for the opportunity to learn new skills and improve those that i already have

  10. I would love to see more C.E.U. courses.Perhaps a credited course based on open office,Especially since many of the users of this site may be low income and of course open office is free. Thanks for one of the greatest educational sites on the planet!…And thanks for welcoming feedback and comments.

  11. I’m so imopressed with this program. Thanks for the opportunity to
    learn new skills, and improve the ones I have.

  12. i would like to learn how to work internet service program

    i thank this website

    keep going up the great work

  13. I use your site to teach senior who have zero computer experience and it would be beneficial if you had a typing program or tutorial available. Many of them do not type and it would be really help them out.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  14. I would like to see the following topics:

    Google Chrome – how to use and customize the web browser
    Opera – how to use and customize the web browser

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