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Five Common Interview Dress Mistakes

Are you sure your interview outfit is making a winning impression?  You may think you look just fine, but when it comes to a job interview every detail of your appearance counts, including your grooming choices.  Here are five common mistakes that you should be aware of when dressing for an interview.

  1. Wearing clothing that fits poorly – An outfit that does not fit well, can leave the interviewer with the impression that you are not accustomed to dressing appropriately or that you simply do not care enough to dress well.  Loose clothing can look sloppy and the discomfort of tight clothing can be very distracting.  Make sure your attire fits you well, especially when you are sitting down.
  2. Wearing clothing that is too revealing – Skirts that are too short are a common problem for women and can be deemed unprofessional by an interviewer.  Always sit down in your skirt to make sure it has enough leg coverage, especially if it has a slit.  In addition, your top should not be too sheer, low-cut or sleeveless.
  3. Wearing too much jewelry – Clanking bracelets, multiple rings and dangling earrings can be very distracting to an interviewer.  Women should wear 2-3 minimal, conservative pieces of jewelry.  Men may also want to avoid earrings.
  4. Ignoring your feet – A great outfit can be ruined by a poor choice of footwear.  It can also give the impression that you do not pay attention to the details.  Men should wear dressy, dark, polished shoes with matching dark socks.  Women should wear dressy, closed shoes and should avoid high, overly-sexy or strappy heels.
  5. Making risky grooming choices – You can really make a statement with your choice of hairstyle, make up and fingernails.  Just make sure the statement does not have the potential to turn off your interviewer.  It is best to choose styles that are minimal and professional.

The above may not seem like a big deal, but you do not want to leave the interviewer with a doubtful impression about your judgment, capabilities and ability to fit in.  For more examples and details on how to dress for an interview, visit our Interviewing Skills topic.

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  1. Thank you for the information on how we should appear when going on an interview. Appearance is the first thing that ah interviewer sees.

  2. Hi!

    How can I get the required soft ware or where can I go to use a computer for two hours so I can learn these programs.

    • We don’t supply any of the Microsoft Office programs, but you can download a free trial of Office 2010 on the official Microsoft Office site. The trial lasts 60 days, which should be long enough for you to complete the course.

      You can also ask your local library or another public computer lab about the version of Excel they have on their computers. Many of our learners complete their assignments this way. If you chose this option, you would want to save your assignments on a USB flash drive or in an online file storage system like Google Docs (you can find instructions on uploading files to Google Docs here).

  3. Hi,

    This is very useful to all, most of the people who face to interview every time to do this mistake.

    Always we follow the instructions to avoid the mistake.

    Thanks a lot your services.


    Sri lanka.

  4. infact Gcf is great,i enjoy every bit of ur training.This site is indeed a value adding one.

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